VGC Rally & Rendezvous Licensing for Non-UK Pilots

As you may be aware, if you are bringing a Part 21 glider to the Rally or the Rendezvous, or you are intending to fly one whilst you are in the UK, you will need to have your licence validated. If you are only intending to fly non-Part 21 gliders, whether you bring them with you or are flying one from the UK, then validation is not necessary.

The CAA have a facility on their web site to carry this out, unfortunately when we looked at it as part of exploring what had to be done to get the Rally/Rendezvous up and running, we discovered that the processes asked for appear to be inappropriate. We are, through the BGA, getting this sorted out and once we have a simpler, more appropriate process in place we will announce it here along with directions on how to carry this out.