VGC International Rally 2023 29th July–6th August 2023 at Aston Down.

Rendezvous July 20th-27th at Nympsfield

Registration for the VGC Rally 2023 and Rendezvous
is now open!
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*You must be a member of the Vintage Glider Club to fly at the Vintage Glider Club Rally, join here at the VGC website.

Less Than 25 VGC Rally Spaces Left! Registrations Close Soon.

Vintage Glider Club

20th - 27th July 2023

For the first time in VGC History – the Rendezvous and Rally are not only in the same country but are just 16 minutes drive apart! This is your opportunity to sample not one but two distinctly different flying sites while remaining within the local area.

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